School Consultant

Bobbie Gideon, Austin ISD

Dr. Bobbie Gideon has been a consultant at several schools that have received a MAPSS visit. She has leveraged the MAPSS reports to assess campus needs and has found great value in the recommendations and resources provided by the MAPSS team.


Director of School Improvement

Heidi Wagner, Big Spring ISD

Ms. Wagner works in Big Spring ISD, a rural west Texas school district. We had the opportunity to visit three improved required (IR) elementary campuses in Big Spring ISD. Ms. Wagner has taken advantage the MAPSS report to improve instruction and plan professional development for her staff.


School Consultant

Mary Alice Deike, Waco ISD

Dr. Mary Alice Deike has encouraged several schools she works with to receive a MAPSS visit. She has recommended MAPSS to both high-achieving and schools in need of improvement.

Dr. Deike has found the MAPSS student and teacher surveys to be particularly useful data sources to spur conversation about school culture and classroom rigor during staff meetings.



Wayne Morren, Floydada High School

Wayne Morren has had three MAPSS visits at his high school over a period of three years. Drawing on MAPSS data to drive his improvement efforts, Floydada High School has seen consistent growth after each MAPSS visit.

Due to Mr. Morren's success using MAPSS, Floydada ISD has pursued a MAPSS visit for every other campus within the district.


School Improvement Consultant

Penny Curry, Somerville ISD

Penny Curry is a consulting assisting Improvement Required (IR) districts and schools, and has used MAPSS as a tool to assess campus improvement planning efforts. Many of the schools that she works with have received a MAPSS visit during the spring semester.

Second semester visits allow campuses to compare data from MAPSS with their goals set in their campuses improvement plan to gauge the effectiveness of their school improvement strategies.


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