Send Documents

Principals should send the following electronic documents to the MAPSS team in preparation for the visit:

  • Name and email addresses of all classroom teachers including elective and special education teachers, preferably in an Excel spreadsheet
  • School master schedule, preferably in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Bell schedule(s)
  • School map including teacher name and room numbers
  • Campus Improvement Plan/Targeted Improvement Plan
  • Agenda for the day, prepared by you, to include scheduled times and locations for teacher, student, parent, counselor, district representative and principal interview groups
  • Any additional documents that you feel may be helpful to the MAPSS team, such as special education teacher schedules, meeting calendars, handbooks, etc.

Inform Staff

Principals should inform their school staff members of the date and explain that the school will be receiving a MAPSS visit to provide an objective view of the current state of our school. MAPSS team members will be conducting instructional observations in as many classrooms as possible.

Please remind teachers the goal of the classroom visit is to observe active teaching and learning. Classroom observations last approximately 10-20 minutes. In addition, school staff will be asked to complete a 10-20 minute survey. While survey results will be compiled into a report, individual responses will remain confidential.


Gathering Surveys

The Statewide MAPSS office will distribute surveys to teachers from the supplied teacher email list. It is the responsibility of the school to distribute parent and students surveys. The school leadership team should do the following to gather surveys:

Distribute survey links to students and parents:

  • All surveys should be taken online, not printed on paper
  • Surveys should be completed prior to your visit date
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Student Surveys Suggestions

  • Rotate students through a computer lab to ensure that all students complete their surveys
  • Have students take their surveys during a designated class period
  • Provide an incentive for the first class/grade level to complete all student surveys
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Parent Surveys Suggestions

  • Share the link to the parent survey on the school website or a newsletter
  • Make a computer station available at your school
  • Remind parents about the survey during special events

Selecting rooms

The efficiency of the MAPSS team will be improved if wireless internet is made available in the rooms provided.

Interview Room

Designate room(s) for conducting interviews. The principal interview is typically conducted in the principal’s office and will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

MAPSS Team Room

Designate another room for the MAPSS team to use as a work space throughout the day. This room will be used for the MAPSS team to meet, input MAPSS data and work together throughout the day. This room must be separate from the room(s) designated for interviews.


Create Interview Agenda

The MAPSS team has created a sample interview schedule for you. It is as easy as letting us know who to interview when and what rooms to complete the interviews in. The goal of selecting interview participants is to ensure a truly diverse representation of your school.

Sample Interview Agenda

Interview Groups

  • Principal
  • School counselor(s)
  • Student group of 4-6 generally successful students
  • Student group of 4-6 students who may be at risk or struggling
  • Teacher group of 5-8 of multiple content areas
  • Parent group of 5-15 representative of school demographics
  • District representative (optional)

MAPSS Visit Day


Remind teachers and staff of school visit and purpose


Provide the MAPSS team lead with a list of any substitute teachers for the day


Principal 15 minute introduction and discuss school priorities and current initiatives


End of day 30 minute debrief with principal and MAPSS team lead


The principal's checklist goes into the details of how to make the visit as efficient and unobtrusive as possible. This short list includes tips for you to get the most out of your MAPSS visit.

Principal MAPSS Checklist


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